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Do-It-Yourself Project:

Thank you for visiting IseeJesus.com. 

In return for the Blessing of your Presence,
Please help yourself to the following free and easy image producing method.

  1. Right Click on the outlined image below and select 'Print'. (or else, save the .gif to your hard drive and print it out w/ another program)

  2. Tack the printout to your favorite thin-barked tree

  3. Then cut (not too deep), damage and/or crush the tissue of the tree beneath the outlines using your favorite implement of destruction (such as a dull chisel and hammer).

  4. Remove printout. Now just wait 2-5 years for scar tissue to grow and look natural.

  5. Voila! Your personal Savior in your very own backyard.

Tips for Realism:

  1. Do not apply image straight up and down. Instead, put it kind of askew for a more natural affect. Rookie mistake.

  2. No straight lines longer than ~1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

  3. If possible, blend the image over other natural blemishes on the tree.
    For example, use an existing knot hole for the eye.

  4. Here's the key: Get someone else to 'find' the image.
    For example, while walking with an innocent, point at another spot
    nearby on the same tree and say,
    "This blotch on this tree looks like a cloud!".
    If the person points at the right place and says,
    "Yeah? Look at this! Who does this look like?",
    Drop to your knees and make a Big Deal out of it. Hallelujah!

~ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!~
Thank you for visiting ISeeJesus.com. It is truly a Blessing.
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