ISeeJesus is
NOT a Joke?

I've been a Professional mixed-media Artist for more than twenty years and
in my special-effects Company, we have personally witnessed Religious Trickery just like that described on this site.
There actually are people who can and do trick other people with religion in order to take their money.
Seemingly random designs that may appear to be something peculiar can be surprisingly easily created
by an experienced artist. This REALLY happens!

Don't always believe what you see. To figure out what's really going on in most situations, Follow the Money.

If you got a giggle here and understand the point being made:
When you see the reports
in the media of the legions of the faithful
treking to some out of the way spot to see some wacky thing,
think of and look around to see who's making the money off of the hysteria.

If you are a believer, Please do not despair!
Just realize, if you find yourself in a crowd praying to a blurry image in an unlikely place,
even if the Spirit isn't in the apparition and hucksters in front of you,
it is truly within the blessed pilgrim beside you (and keep your wallet in your pocket!).

*Finally, if you're unhappy might not be what it appears,

drop me an email and I'll talk to my friend who knows a guy that can  help you out (in accordance to the terms and conditions outlined herein).  ;-)