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I See Jesus.com's price will be affected by size, complexity and difficulty of your project.
Additional charges due for projects outside of North America.

Why Hire ISeeJesus.com?
  1. Professional: Our Pro Artists work will be worth every penny.
    You'll see for yourself the value in their high quality work.

  2. Anonymity: We fly in. We create. We fly away. We're contractually obligated not to ever expose your secret. Don't underestimate the value of anonymity! (or the consequences should you be exposed) If you get your brother-in-law and his drinking buddy to do it for you, ...

  3. Experience: We've been there and done it before.
    We'll help get the ball rolling through a variety of proven methods. 
The Gift that Gives Twice!
Though some clients are able to nurse many many years from our work, most can expect not one but two big flushes of attention! At first as word spreads, traffic will rise, creschendo, and then gradually fall off. Though it has a very long tail, eventually you may want to have a big special encore. When your product is vandalized, stolen, ruined, closed off, or otherwise ended, you will have an automatic second rush of world wide press and publicity.
(If you do the deed, DO NOT make official police report)

For Example:

~ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!~
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