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Scenarios & Services 

Every project is different and we tailor our work for the maximum effect.
Creativity and Personalization are the benchmarks of our service and truly what make our events really take off.
  • A restauranteur on the East coast has sagging sales and needs a boost. He contacts IseeJesus.com. A week later, in full view of staff and customers, the owner 'accidently' drops a bag of flour. The resulting flour cloud settles across a visible surface (wall or pizza oven). Before everyone, the owner stares oddly at the wall, walks over to it, takes a large breath, and blows off the flour. Suddenly, in the remaining flour stuck to the wall, a holy face can now be seen. Word of mouth spreads and the restaurant serves as much pizza as they can make to those who've come to see.

  • A lovely old church in the South has suffered years of ever lowering attendance and aging patrons. A church elder contracts IseeJesus.com. The following Sunday a righteous and long time congregant notices a pattern of a familiar face in the swirls of dirt and mineralisation on the side of the church. It looks as though it has been there for years, waiting to be noticed. Word spreads and each Sunday sees more people in the pews and more money in the collection plate. Young people flock in and the church is revitalised.

  • A building landlord in a Canadian city is having trouble finding renters. He emails IseeJesus.com. A few days later, while showing a space to a prospective tenant, she stops and takes a long look at the large picture window in the lobby. She asks the landlord if he can see anything on the window if he looks at the window from a particular angle. He looks. In the shimmering oily sheen on the window he sees a larger than life-size image that they both recognize. Word spreads and many come to see the image. The landlord is able to rent all the spaces in the building to people who wish to see the image regularly and other businesses who service the crowds.

  • In a rural Mid-Western town, the high school's football team is desperately lacking funds. A booster contacts IseeJesus.com. At Friday's home game, a fan notices an odd pattern in the grass in front of the home team's bleachers. A natural combination of fertilizer burn, cut angle, and die off has taken on the distinct image of a face. By halftime, whispers have spread through the stadium of what can be seen. At the following game, the bleacher's are full, more donations are made, and many more school colors are sold. The next year the fence around the field is covered with sponser's ads.
There's no limit to whom or what can appear. While Jesus is always a good choice, a Holy person from any Religion or secular figure from any time period may be used. Ideas include a tearful Mother Mary, a recently deceased Pope, a beloved relative, or anyone or anything. Its only matters that it will be meaningful to the viewers. A naturalistic discovery by a well known person who is a third party can really help the illusion catch fire. Belief is Contagious!

Other Services Available:
  • Crop Circles- Our expert crew can create an unidentified flying object experience that will be second to none.
    Our special technique creates convincing, seemingly authentic extra-terrestrial encounters that are obviously more realistic than amateur self-constructed displays. Complexity and size varies and affects pricing accordingly.

  • Images grown into Trees and vegetables- Properly scarred and grown, trees and some vegetables can be made to evince an image. See our home page for DIY instructions.

  • Images in cooked items- Holy icons have been known to appear in baked goods such as tortillas, pancakes, pies, buns, etc. This can be a very affordable option since these can be shipped. Our fee for these items is quite a bit less plus there's no travel expenses.
Even if you need incontrovertable proof of the existence of
the Flying Spaghetti Monster,  
Email us and we'll come up with it.

~ Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory!~
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